Birons Is Here For Your Family

The single greatest blessing and responsibility for us at Birons is the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life. As we all navigate the uncertainty and effects of COVID-19, Birons does not believe our responsibility for the physical and mental well being of your child has gone away. On the contrary, we feel our kids need engagement, socialization, and activity more than ever.

No matter what happens, Birons is committed to helping make sure your child has positive memories from this time, and that they continue to grow happily and healthily. We are here for you and your child, both during this crisis and as we return to the new normal after it passes. We’re all in this together. We got this.


Check out this weeks unplugged activities, cooking corner, and virtual classes as well as find the link for our Wednesday Live Class below!


Birons Health Handbook 2020 covers our return to play policies and procedures and our phases of reopening. View it here:

Birons Health Handbook 2020


Check out our pre-recorded database with
drills, quick videos and full classes through amazingkids360, or our Birons pre-recorded classes below.


Birons is meeting or exceeding all CDC, Texas Department of State Health Services, and Houston Health Department guidelines for schools and child care facilities regarding COVID-19. You can read our complete Health Handbook. This includes:
    • Screening and temperature check with all students and staff upon entry each day
    • Preclusion of those with symptoms or risk of exposure
    • Travel quarantines for all staff upon return
    • Frequent scheduled hand washing throughout the day
    • Complete surface cleaning at least 3 times per day using hospital grade, high-level EPA approved disinfectant
    • Only active students and critical staff are allowed entry to the building

Birons is offering two tuition options to our families during this pause in operations. One is a family loyalty credit which will be applied to the first 10 months tuition once we resume classes, and the other is a tuition relief discount which holds your place in class and is deducted from subsequent active months. Parents who wish to cancel can still do so, following our normal cancelation process. Just email or call the office and we can take care of whatever option you choose.

Birons is following the recommendations of government health organizations, and is beginning our Phase 1 reopen on May 21st. We are still operating child care for critical infrastructure jobs. If the recommendations or guidelines change, we will continue to work with local authorities to choose the best resumption date for the kids and community we serve. There is much we can’t control and don’t know here, but we assure you it will be as soon as we can do so safely.

Almost every small business is feeling the enormous uncertainty that has come with this disease and the stay at home orders. Birons is asking any family that is comfortable and able to please consider our tuition relief or family loyalty credit options to help us continue to pay our rent, bills, and employees during this shut down. Every little bit helps!

Feel free to contact Patrick Biron, the president of Birons Youth Sports, at



We need to take care of our bodies and minds, even while staying home. Earn amazing awards, feel better about yourself, burn out some energy and stay happy and healthy! We are hosting an ongoing challenge for kids to complete exercises and stretches each day. You can find links for the document and current standings below.